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The Pablo Malco Foundation host several shows annually, every year we open more opportunities for professional performing artist as well as amateur levels. With our in house production team we are always auditioning for new talents. Submissions are always welcome simply email us from our contact page a link to your material or an mp3 version.

All of the performances are available for bookings

My LiFe uN eD Did Tid -mY  Life Un eD Did TiD has been uplifting audiences and tearing down  theaters around the globe for over 5 years. This show takes the viewer  on a great ride, emotionally, mentally and morally. Written and  performed by Pablo Malco; director, choreographer, and dancer. Pablo  brings exceptional feel and depth to his 45 minute mono-dance-a-logue. Absorbed in passion and exuding love…..

The Hip Hop Symphony - This innovative musical production promises to be an exciting and entertaining event for all ages blending urban, hip hop dance and music with traditional, classical dance and music. The Hip Hop Symphony will take the audience on a cultural excursion that will awaken the senses for a truly phenomenal experience combining the hip hop world and with a classical symphony orchestra as never seen before click here to see this show live from anywhere in the world on April 6th 2013.

Performing Art Politics -A hilarious urban pop musical, exposing the behind the scenes view in the life of an entertainer. You will laugh and cry with our cast as you understand the driving factor in how artist find their love and make it support their lifestyle.  A fun filled family show with lots of dancing from hip-hop to contemporary and everything in between. PAP is a must see for up and coming and aspiring artists. Bring the entire family out to enjoy a relaxing and entertaining musical production.

Choreographers’ Ball – is a dance showcase filled with riveting entertainment. The showcase features some of South Florida’s hottest dancers and choreographers. Displaying various forms of street dance, contemporary ballet and more.

Flash Mob –  Have a group of dancer and or dancers & singers do a surprise attack on your guest or let us help you attract some attention to your business. Our Flash Mobs stop traffic and gets everyone in a happy spending mood.


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