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African Americans can make a difference in their own community

This link does raise a few eyebrows, but you gotta wonder where they got the concept it wasn’t made out of thin air.

A child deserves help first

It just hit me this weekend, that not everyone has or has had support at home as they are/were growing up. Some kids really have to figure it out themselves, those that live with parents and those who do not even know one or more of their parents. These kids grow with several disadvantages, But they are expected to compete on the same playing ground as the other kids and soon with the real world in this thing called life. Noone has ever encourage them, noone ever believed in them and their dreams. I not only relate to those kids but i can feel what those kids feel. Not to say we should just sympathize and give them hands outs and support their self-destruction habits. But to give them a chance to experience things in life that can bring along change for the better, a quality life, a chance to help someone else in need. I hope i can give the kids that i come in contact with the encouragement and support that they probably never get from a parent or a sibling.

Hip Hop Symphony Commentary

Thank you all for your kind words,

Brian Bzo Bailey
I couldn’t be any prouder to be part of such an amazing show with passionate artists. It was very heartwarming for me to perform for those that came thru & those that watched at home on their devices. I’ve always had faith in the vision & concept of this show & the faith will remain permanent. I don’t care what anyone says about this show – Hip Hop Symphony is the BEASTLIEST SHOW IN ALL OF SOUTH FL — PERIOD!!! —

Tanesa Ashley Soman
The hip hop symphony was AMAZAZING!!!!! I cant believe that I was actually apart of something so incredible. I am completely honored to have been able to dance with such RIDICULOUSLY TALENTED dancers. Pablo, all of the choreographers, and dancers are literally among the greatest people I’ve ever met in my life; thank you soo much for this opportunity. This was my very first big performance and I’m soooo grateful that it was with such awesome people. You all are goin in my pocket!!! —

William ThaBureaucrat Amoure
I can’t even begin to tell you how much I ENJOYED this year’s Hip-Hop Symphony. I’ve worked with a group of humble individuals who I believe, have what I ALWAYS wanted to see in performers… PASSION! Wow. I’m honored to work with Pablo Malco for the past 10 years. Every step has been a progressive, yet challenging move. It has helped to shape me into who I am today. You are a VISIONARY. Love ya, Pab! Thanks to ALL the INCREDIBLY gifted dancers and musicians who poured their souls out on the stage. LOVE Y’ALL! REAL TALK!

Jodi McMahon Bergman
Amazing cast…. Amazing show…. Amazing tech crew… Amazing vision…. A huge round of applause to Pablo Malco on another successful run of Hip Hop Symphony! A mega round of applause to some of the most unbelievably talented people I have ever worked with… Not only are all of you so uniquely talented in your own way (ok, not gonna lie – I gave you all your own individually unique-y tweek-y nick names) but you are all so incredibly humble and awesome to work with. Tonight’s performance is a perfect example of why the arts is the last thing on earth to ever be cut… from any program… anywhere…. ever. #HipHopSymphony2013 #SoProud

Katherine Escajadillo
The HipHop Symphony 2013 show was an incredible show to be a part of. It is so underrated, its crazy. Every person that helped put the show together is incredibly talented and humble and just plain fun to work with. I love making new friends and being taught by extraordinary teachers. Pablo Malco is the man! i loved the cast and if YOU weren’t there; you missed out ;)

Diana Boufford’s photo.
Bravo Pablo! My friends & I really enjoyed The Hip Hop Symphony tonight … Your students rocked the house :)

Heather Plumberg’s status.
Thank you so much to all of the amazing Dancers, Choreographers and Artists who made my first big show in South Florida an absolutely wonderful experience. I feel so blessed to have met this talented group of people and to have had the privilege to work with you all!! Can’t wait till next time!

Dear Pablo
I would like to first thank you for the gift of culture arts to all the teens from the City of Fort Lauderdale. What a blessing it was to attend an event such as this. The teens will be talking about this for the rest of there lives. I was so captivated by the performance that I stay up all night calling everyone I could think of to tell them about you and you event. Please keep me on you list of performances, where ever you go. You and the entire group,each and everyone of them individually touched the lives of all the our teens in a glorious and positive uplifting way.
Much Positive Love to you.
Sandra Sullivan

Terrence Smalley

On behalf of the Urban League of Broward County’s A.B.L.E program, we would like to thank the Pablo Malco Foundation and all those associated, that made it possible for myself, some of our students, and three other representatives to attend such a wonderful event this past Saturday. The participants of our program gave rave reviews of the show and the intricate talent displayed. We truly enjoyed ourselves; and many of our students are even more inspired to showcase and fine-tune their talents. Please continue doing the awesome work that you all are doing.
With many thanks,

Suzanne DiVasto Citere and Real Dance Studios

Thank you, Thank you Thank you, to Suzanne DiVasto Citere and Real Dance Studios for a generous donation to the Dinner & A Musical Theater Production fundraiser to allow over 200 at risk and under-served kids to attend the Hip Hop Symphony. We are very grateful for your consideration, you are helping to make such a difference. Thank you from all of us here at the Pablo Malco Foundation.

Thank you Melanie Gibbs & Boca Dance Studionn

Big huge Thanks to Melanie Gibbs & Boca Dance for their generous and thoughtful donation to Dinner & A Musical Theatre production for 200 kids to attend the Hip Hop Symphony. We are so grateful for your consideration and to know there are people like you out there. Thank you from all of us here at The Pablo Malco Foundation.

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